Wednesday, 20 April 2016


I am aware that we are all happy we can travel more, we can have access to information, we know what happens around the world, or so we think, and we have choices in terms of food, jobs, recreational options, etc.

Being slightly contemplative of my very fortunate last few months, I have traveled several times to some beautiful locations, mainly for practical reasons, never the less I have enjoyed my experiences, minus the days I have lost in transit:) I have seen museums and galleries, I have seen the coast line in several countries, I have enjoyed the sunny days and stormy ones respectively. I have made 20 plane journeys and several long car ones. I have adopted a 4 day old kitten, that has now grown into a lovely cat (now in possession of a French Pet Passport). I have seen the sea batter the shore in winter, I have been on the island where the Iron Mask man was in prison. I planted trees  on my 40th year of life, and have created some great artwork.

The truth is, no matter what we do in life, we have good and bad days. Sometimes I forget that:) Note to myself: 'Let shitty days pass, to allow good days come along and make sure I appreciate them'.

Having more spare time, has allowed me to look into the things that make me happy. I have always been a woman with a plan:) I know that certain sayings, quotes, inspirational words from equally inspirational people, help me keep positive. Having more access to what people say and do, is meant to be a positive aspect of life. I have kept a note of all these inspirational quotes that I have come across in the last year. Some contradict each other, some have a 'get up and go' feel, some others are slower reassurances that life can sometimes be tough, but there is light at the end of the tunnel. I have sourced most of my quotes from Facebook posts, Google search and various mindfulness sources. I did not have to look far. I keep saving anything that came my way.

Who are these quotes addressed to? and do people use them to feel better about their lives and about themselves?

In the busy grand world we are living in, over 7 billion people, are all trying to keep sane, function, survive and live a 'happy' life. We all need plans, strategies and recipes on how to reach the level of happiness that we think fit for ourselves. I personally feel bombarded by globalization, by the internet, by networks, adverts, etc. You never know enough, you never know the truth about anything, however the information seems to constantly be there....
These are some of my artistic responses to a choice of inspirational quotes.